Target group

It's not easy to find a common international description for the targeted ‘sector’.  Often used terms are youth care, special youth care, juvenile justice, youth justice, youth/child welfare or youth/child protection.  

‘Sub groups’ of the sector are e.g. youth at risk, non-accompanied minors, foster care, forced care, young offenders, youngsters with severe behavior and mental health problems where professional intervention is needed, This intervention can be more or less voluntary or imposed by the youth judge.

The following are invited as participants of the platform: 

  • national/regional/local authorities with legal responsibilities at politic and strategic level: policy making, funding and legal context of services (recognition, quality control, legal basis), youth justice
  • national/regional/local authorities who are organizing services (operational level)
  • professional service providers: non-governmental service providers and their umbrellas
  • researcher in this field.

Other stakeholders such as representatives of the youngsters themselves, their families and relatives and their broader social context (education system, work, leisure time,…) are not the primary members of the platform at this stage.  But nevertheless the Platform recognizes them as indispensable and equal key actors in the youth care field.