The ENSA-network as starting point

Many EU- and national networks are active already in the field of ‘youth at risk’ and/or youth care.  Nevertheless it is our contention that none of them are covering the scope and the target groups as described in the first chapter of this document.  Of course we must go on exploring the existing networks, but in the mean time we should start up our own ‘platform’.

It’s our feeling that the ENSA-network offers an excellent structure to get started.  ENSA is a network of cities and European regions that aims to promote international cooperation in the social field.  ENSA organizes ‘thematic working groups’ and many of them are related to our goals:

  • thematic working group Childhood
  • thematic working group Youth and Family
  • thematic working group Integration

More information on the network, its’ background and thematic working groups:

The ENSA network is willing to host the Platform.  In practice this means that meetings will be merged as much as possible.  ENSA will invite the members of the platform to take part (as member or observer) in its plenary meetings and thematic working groups.  Observers can apply for (individual) full membership when the membership criteria are fulfilled.

Costs: The platform nor ENSA have own financial means.  Therefor the participants will fund their own costs and organize their own travels and bookings. Up to now there has been no registration fee for the ENSA meetings.