Domains of action

The Platform can address many topcs, according to its' members needs.  Nevertheless means are limited and therefor the Platform decided on an action plan 2014 - 2016.  Read more.

For the future more actions and topics can be tackled within the following areas:

At content level (care and services)

Better care and services        
Better therapy and guidance, better understanding of the target group of the youngsters, how to tackle poverty and generational poverty, non-accompanied minors, youth unemployment, early school leavers and cooperation with the school environment    
Empowering of vulnerable youngsters as members of the society, tackling social exclusion.

Improving the professional youth care sector           
professionalization of youth care organizations, care providers as social enterprises, improving management
Scaling and network models     
Use of care technology
Quality management, benchmarking     
How to involve care users?

Better policies towards society, target group, care sector:   
Better answers and approaches of society (policy makers) to the concerning youngsters, institutionalization/de-institutionalization of youth care         
Policies to and funding of the professional care-sector, quality standards and measuring quality
International benchmarking: defining definitions, standards and assessments    
Youth care and (youth) justice, forced care, youth protection, young offenders, …      
(How to involve the youngsters and their families themselves?)

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child will be the leading spirit for the platform and its members.

Activities at EU-level

The content levels can be developed in different kinds of activities:

Exchange and networking between members: improving policies, care and services through exchange of experiences and best practices, mutual learning, networking and (bilateral) cooperation between network members, exchange of activities and know how, …

Working on EU-policies
Follow up, implementing EU-legislation at national/regional level
Influencing EU-policies: need for a stronger structure and partners, exchange with other linked EU-networks

EU funded projects as means for knowledge building, exchange, research

Cooperation and networking between linked networks
A huge number of formal and informal (more or less organized) networks are working on comparable and linked themes.  For common targets and mutual aim it must be possible to cooperate (smart networking).